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Want an awesome looking and functioning website that meets your needs, but too overwhelmed to take on the whole project yourself? That’s where we come in! We’ll shoulder the huge workload for you and make you an amazing site that meets all your intended goals.

Build My Church Website

NewFinally, A Solution To Help Pastors Grow Their Church!

We build Custom Church Websites that are CONVERSION FOCUSED!
It’s time to stop playing with free websites and get it right with a team that has designed 100’s of church and ministry websites.


Build My Church Website

Every PASTOR I Know Already Has Their Plate Full

Preparing sermons, visiting the sick, etc. Pastors should do what they do best and delegate the designing and building of the church website to someone you trust and are reliable.

Volunteers can sometimes do this effectively. However many times lose interest and may become distracted in the project over time. This is why it is best to hire someone outside the church to maintain the website and do all the updates.


Even though your website is visible to the whole world it doesn’t mean everyone is seeing it. Our goal is to get your site on the first page of Google


Build My Church Website

Your Own Personal Project Manager

1 on 1 personalized attention is what we specialize in. You will be assigned to our main project manager, who will get to know you & your project personally and give you customized advice every step of the way, while doing all the actual work for you! You will work with the same project manager throughout the whole process (via chat, email, or phone), who will always know your full background, and offer help even after you go live.


Because we limit the number of new churches we take throughout the year, each church gets our undivided attention and benefits from the expertise we’ve gained over the past 14+ years, so we can help achieve the goals you have set for your church website.

Think Of Us As Your Partner, Not Just Your Website Provider

Many providers just provide a pre-built template and send you on your way to do the rest. That’s what makes us different. We develop a personal working relationship with your church to always help with whatever web needs arise, whether it’s training someone new on our system, finding the best way to highlight something, customizing the system further (after you’ve gone live) to meet your specific need, tips on enhancing the look of a page, best places for church graphic resources, or anything else web related you’d like to throw at us!

Enhanced Content Migration

Beware. Most template companies offer content migration but what they mean by that is entirely different from what we do.

We try to find ways that we can make a page look more modern and work with you 1 on 1 to figure out the best way to present the content in a user friendly way. That’s why we take so much pride in doing custom websites, which enables us to take the time to really help think through site presentation & implement it.

Advanced Functionality

We don’t try to cram you into a one size fits all system like template providers have to offer. Our software is both flexible and advanced enough to be configured in many different ways to fit your needs specifically.

Mobile Strategy

All sites are 100% responsive.

Close to half your website visitors will access your site on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, so it’s important to make sure the site is built with this in mind. For instance:

How does your homepage flow on a phone?
How easy or hard is it to navigate on a phone ?
How easy or hard is it to find things on a phone ?
Is your mobile website really that well thought out?
We’ll help make sure your visitors have a great experience and want to keep coming back, regardless of device used.

Build My Church Website


Custom vs Template Company?

Going custom offers endless options to make your site look and function however you wish… something template providers just can’t match.

Instead of trying to cram your unique vision into a template, we work with you 1 on 1 to design a completely custom-looking and functioning church website built around YOUR specific needs, from creating the design to setting everything up that you need.

Your only job is sending us your content. We’ll help consolidate it for you, find the best place for it to be, and input it into the system to present it in the most user-friendly way possible. Most importantly, we make your content look pretty too.

Managed Security & Hosting

Did you know that even if you have security software running on your site, just having 1 outdated plugin can open the door to hackers?

Many churches oftentimes have someone in the church throw them together a website to save some money. The downside is that if that person leaves or just doesn’t have as much time anymore to devote to the site (which is often the case), the site becomes more and more insecure over time.

With us, you no longer need to worry about security/hacking or site plugins going out of date. We are constantly updating your software with the latest patches, both on the server level and the church website software level, along with multiple layers of protection on top of that on the outer level of the server.

Glowing Customer Reviews

Gaylon Huddleston of Build My Church Website stands apart from web designers I have worked with in the past due to the knowledge, experience and talents he has and uses in web design.

His impeccable professionalism in how he

handles and responds to issues has stood out as well. He is easy to work with, reachable and timely with updates, completely ingraining himself in the vision and mission of the church.

Gaylon not only creates great websites but websites that can and are found; we went from being nonexistent to being strategically placed on the virtual map. Our website traffic has increased such that we appear on the first page and among the top three search result findings on Google.

Gaylon gives you the most bang for the buck; his websites are relevant, up to date in this media age. As an apostolic minister, he is firmly rooted in the apostolic message remaining cognizant of the importance of not deviating, but staying true to biblical teachings.

This makes him not only proficient in artfully designing a great website that rivals all others, but also in creating websites that are precise in delivering and keeping to the apostolic message.

His dedication and commitment to this God-called ministry assures that the websites are accurate in their delivery method of the message and vision of the apostolic church.

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend “Build My Church Website” to all churches no matter how large or small. Please feel free to contact me for a personal reference at any time.

Pastor Kerry Sharp
Temple Christian Center
Temple, Tx

If you are looking for a website designer that will custom build your site to your specifications and want to be completely pleased with the results, you need to contact Gaylon Huddleston with Build My Church Website. Mr. Huddleston will work with you to design a site that is both current and relative to your church or business community. I highly recommend Build My Church Website Web Hosting and Website Design Service for all of your online community needs!

Pastor Eric Garrett
First Pentecostal Church
Joaquin, Tx

I recommend Gaylon Huddleston and Build My Church Website to anyone. I have had a website with this business now for over 8 years. They have always been professional and ready to help with any internet needs. You would do very well to have this company on your side.

Pastor Gary Martin
Sanctuary Apostolic Church
Muskogee, OK

Up To 40% Future Custom Redesigns

Once you are our client, you can often get up to 40% off our normal prices for a whole professional custom redesign anytime in the future.