handles and responds to issues has stood out as well. He is easy to work with, reachable and timely with updates, completely ingraining himself in the vision and mission of the church.

Gaylon not only creates great websites but websites that can and are found; we went from being nonexistent to being strategically placed on the virtual map. Our website traffic has increased such that we appear on the first page and among the top three search result findings on Google.

Gaylon gives you the most bang for the buck; his websites are relevant, up to date in this media age. As an apostolic minister, he is firmly rooted in the apostolic message remaining cognizant of the importance of not deviating, but staying true to biblical teachings.

This makes him not only proficient in artfully designing a great website that rivals all others, but also in creating websites that are precise in delivering and keeping to the apostolic message.

His dedication and commitment to this God-called ministry assures that the websites are accurate in their delivery method of the message and vision of the apostolic church.

It is without hesitation that I highly recommend “Build My Church Website” to all churches no matter how large or small. Please feel free to contact me for a personal reference at any time.