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Broaddus Pentecostal Church

Associate Degree

This course is designed to inform the student how to live a Christian life.  Subjects discussed are:  What is a Christian?  How to grow in the Christian life, the Christian and the Holy Spirit, the Christian and the Bible, how to pray as a Christian, the Christian, and the Church, and the Christian and

Welcome to the Beginning of the Associate Degree courses.
There are 16 courses required for an Associate Degree.

  • 01. The Principles of Christian Living

  • 02. Divine Healing
  • 03. Effective Personal Bible Study
  • 04. Empowered Learning
  • 05. Keys to Excellence in Ministry
  • 06. Old Testament Survey
  • 07. Releasing the Anointing

  • 08. The Book of Acts
  • 09. The Divided God
  • 10. The Epistles
  • 11. The Gospels
  • 12. The Life of Christ
  • 13. The Life of Paul
  • 14. The Major Prophets
  • 15. The Minor Prophet
  • 16. The Tabernacle

This is the first-course “Principles of Christian Living
This course has nine lessons

Lesson 1–Your First Steps
Lesson 2–What Is A Christian?
Lesson 3– How To Grow In The Christian Life
Lesson 4–You And The Holy Spirit
Lesson 5–You And Your Bible
Lesson 6–How To Pray
Lesson 7–Worldiness And You
Lesson 8–You And The Church
Lesson 9–You and Your Money

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