Givelify Online Giving APP For Churches

Introduce your members to a beautiful three-tap giving experience. No more memorizing text-to-give numbers or filling out clunky online forms. When giving is easy, people give more.

Why Do I Need A Mobile Website?

We deliver high quality, easy to use, cost-efficient mobile websites. Show your location with one click Google maps and directions. Create custom forms to suit your church needs. Your website visitors can call you with one click from anywhere on the site.


Building your church website yourself isn’t always the best way to go. Why not allow me to build it while you do what you do best.

Why It’s Important To Have A Website

  • Your online presence is your first impression. I continually hear from churches of all sizes that new visitors are coming to church because they found the congregation online first. Research backs it up, too. If you’re not online you’re at a disadvantage. An investment in your online presence is much like spending money on building upkeep or signage. It’s your front door to people online.

Text In Church Visitor Followup

As a pastor, you’re busy.  There’s just not enough time or resources.  And… the communication systems you’re using are old and broken.  That’s why Text In Church was created.  Thousands of churches simplify and improve their church communications.  What you need is a better way.  So… we’ve leveraged technology to create 1 simple platform with all the features to reach your community.